What Is Your Mind Secretly Manifesting?

There is always a lot of talk about manifesting amongst the self-help movement. For many it is seen as THE way to achieve everything you want in life and “The Secret” and the “Law of Attraction” provide lots of guidance on how to do it.

BUT, do you realise your mind is manifesting on your behalf constantly? One of the rules of the mind is that it will make happen whatever it thinks you want.

I had a brilliant reminder of this a few days ago. It was our 10th wedding anniversary and I was looking for old photos on some hard drives. As I went through the photos I found a folder of “house ideas” from 2008. I looked at the photos and was really confused as they looked as if they were from the house we have renovated and live in now. The kitchen tiles were the same, the window frames, even the toy car in the picture was similar to the one our son has. The “feel” of the pictures was the same as our house. BUT. We weren’t even living in this house in 2008 and when we did move in it looked nothing like those photos, we went through a painstaking, gradual renovation over seven years. I realised I had saved those 2008 photos because that was exactly how I wanted my ideal house to look and feel. I had then filed them away and forgotten about them. Or, I thought I had forgotten about them, but my subconscious mind had kept them and used them to influence every decision we made as we renovated our house until we had almost recreated the house in the pictures. I was never even aware it was happening!

MANIFESTING TIP 1 – Remember  – Our subconscious minds are constantly manifesting on our behalf even when we are not aware.

That is a great example of how manifesting works in a positive way and we can all use techniques to tell our minds what we really want. In fact, it is essential we consciously do this because, if we don’t our minds will manifest anyway and, if we are using a lot of negative self talk we may find our minds manifesting negative things too.

Here is an example of how things could work negatively…..

When people are trying to lose weight they will sometimes put a picture of themselves in their overweight state on the fridge door. The idea is that this reminds them they are on a diet and that if they have that snack from the fridge they won’t reach their goals. BUT, if their mind constantly sees that picture and hears negative self talk such as “I hate dieting”,  or “I really miss chocolate” it will at best be confused and at worst will actually think it needs to keep the person overweight. A much better approach would be for the person to put pictures of themselves when they were at a better weight along with happy pictures of what their life would be like when they were at that weight.

MANIFESTING TIP 2 – Use positive images and words. Images are more powerful than words. Be as specific as you can.

Remember too that the subconscious mind is happy to play the long game. It is very patient. In a weight loss scenario the subconscious mind will let the person use their will power and then be ready to make things change to what it thinks the person wants once the will power is exhausted. This is one of the reasons people find that weight piles back on once they stop dieting. The subconscious mind has an underlying belief that the person wants to live an unhealthy life.

In the example of my house renovation my mind was extremely patient. It was prepared for me to buy an old house and to take seven years renovating it. It also didn’t care how we achieved it. The subconscious mind is  also very creative. An example of this came up a few days ago when I was talking to a friend. She told me her little boy had accidentally switched the shower on and flooded all three floors of her house. She was horrified. Then when I told her about my house pictures experience she suddenly realised that she had been wanting new carpets in the house for at least two years. The shower flood meant that was now going to happen. My friend certainly did not deliberately make her son switch on the shower and leave it to flood but could she have unwittingly and subconsciously left him to play upstairs and left him long enough for the shower flood to cause the damage? Quite possibly.

MANIFESTING TIP 3 – Remember the subconscious mind is creative, patient and persistent

So how can we make sure our subconscious minds are manifesting to create things and situations we really want rather than its own misinterpretations of what we want? For this we need to go back to the time of early man. At that stage our subconscious minds were hard wired to watch out for anything negative which may harm us and, to react instantly to it. Nowadays we don’t have to escape meat-eating predators and life is much safer but that hardwiring towards the negative is still there, it is something which has not evolved out of us. We are also extremely critical and self-critical. Studies have shown that from childhood we hear the word “no” thousands of times more than the word “yes”. We are conditioned towards the negative. So, to help our minds manifest in a positive way we need to work doubly hard to help those positive messages get through and to stop the negative ones. It is essential to watch for that negative self-talk and learn to reframe it as positive. Our minds need to know we are ready for positive outcomes, use daily gratitude habits to encourage a positive mindset, find joy in little simple things. Finally, we need to uncover and understand subconscious negative beliefs which we have picked up from childhood and young adulthood, especially anything attached to emotional events as those become more hardwired than standard beliefs.

MANIFESTING TIP 4 – Drive out as much of the negative self-talk and hidden beliefs as possible.

So make the most of manifesting. Often when clients come to see me, whether it is for weight loss, anxiety, lack of confidence, or many other things their subconscious mind is just automatically manifesting the wrong thing. Try out the tips above. If you get stuck have a look around my website for more info and resources at www.youtransformed.co.uk or give me a call on 07377557081.

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