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Train Your Mind to Trim Your Body

Yo-yo diets. We have all tried them and for around 97% of us the weight just creeps back on. Trying to stick to the regime is exhausting! Our willpower wanes and that little voice in our head tells us how much we need that cake, how we cannot live without those crisps.

Most of the clients who come to see me for weight loss are experts in healthy eating, they know exactly what they should be eating and how much exercise they should be doing, some have even read books or done courses on mindset. So what is stopping them? What is stopping you?

The key blocker to long term healthy weight and fitness is the emotional relationship we have with food. If we only ate when we were hungry it would be easy but we don’t. We eat when we are bored, stressed, celebrating, treating ourselves, comforting ourselves. Add to that all the external influences persuading us to eat more. On average we will be exposed to 400 adverts a day relating to food and everything from the name of a food is used by marketing companies to persuade us to buy and eat (Think of names such as Sunny Delight, Nimble Bread, and descriptions, hand-crafted, light, golden) Each of us will have a unique relationship with food, partly from these external influences and culture but also from our own experiences. This could be based on happy or sad experiences and I have never come across two the same. My clients are always surprised by the hidden, powerful memories they have around food which is driving this strong emotional connection.

Using RTT I will help you identify your own specific emotional connection to food. While you relax in a natural hypnotic state we will go back to significant past events which triggered your relationship with food, we will explore why the memories have become so strong (even if you are completely unaware of them in your conscious state) and then I will eliminate the negative beliefs you have developed and replace them with positive ones.

Once you have gone through the RTT process you will feel a subtle but fundamental shift. It may be immediate or gradual so you can succeed in shedding excess weight, keep it off, be rid of the internal battles of will and achieve the healthy lifestyle you really, really want.

Please get in touch for a no obligation chat to discuss how we can work together to free you from your emotional connection to food.

“I went to Tracy for one session before Christmas and found Tracy to be so open easy to talk to and I felt she was genuinely interested in helping me. I feel because we development a great relationship from the start it helped me so much. I can’t believe the way I feel after only a month of listening to the recording it’s as if the files I was struggling to ‘file ‘ have finally been downloaded. I feel I can finally move forward, thanks Tracy from the bottom of my heart. I feel transformed Andrea 

Andrea Killean
“I had a hypnosis session with Tracy after trying for a second baby for over a year. Tracy helped me to recognise my pregnancy blockers and just a month later I was pregnant with my beautiful baby boy who arrived one week ago. Tracy immediately put me at ease and I can not thank her enough for helping to complete my family.”
Mandy York

“The whole experience was wonderful. Tracy was reassuring, friendly and professional and explained everything to me so I’d fully understand what would happen. Needless to say it has been fantastic, it’s a strange feeling but I have certainly found myself more in control of my actions and reactions, I can handle social situations much better and have reached a state of calm in my mind that I rarely reached before.”


I have been suffering from excoriation disorder now for as long as I can remember and tried everything to try and break the habit of constantly picking my skin. I had a look into hypnotherapy, and got in touch with Tracy. What can I say?! It’s completely transformed my life. I instantly noticed a difference in the way I felt about myself and more importantly the relationship I had with my skin picking. I have made so much progress now and I have Tracy to thank for that! Her approach is so warm and friendly and made me fell like I wouldn’t be judged – something that has happened to me for the whole of my life due to my condition. I can’t recommend this route enough and Tracy even more! Thank you!

Rachel ,

Hi Tracy i would just like to thank you for helping me through a difficult time, and getting such a fantastic and positive result. The hypnotherapy has certainly worked for me and helped me out in other ways. Thank you for being such a positive and caring person. 💕 x