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Are you currently dieting and battling to resist tempting foods and treats? Have you dieted in the past and struggled to keep the weight off or put even more weight back on? Would you like to diet but are struggling to motivate yourself or manage your will power? Are you a weight loss consultant who would like to achieve even better results for your clients? Are you a doctor desperate to help patients lose weight?

You are not alone. Diets have an incredibly low success rate unless you can truly change your mindset. A few people achieve this but the vast majority of people don’t even know the beliefs they have which are holding them back and sabotaging their weight loss goals. Many of the feelings which drive us to over eat or eat the wrong foods have very little to do with the food itself, they can be based on childhood experiences, emotions triggered by past events and relationships. The need to eat can even be compensation for lack in other areas of our lives.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) uncovers these old, out of date beliefs and feelings, completely changing your relationship with food so you can shed that weight easily and keep it off.

RTT was developed by Marisa Peer who has worked with 1000’s of clients over many years, has appeared on many TV shows Worldwide, has delivered success to people through shows such as Celebrity Fit Club (check), Supersize vs Superskinny (add other examples). I have been personally trained by Marisa to bring RTT to you.

In just one* session the battle of wills will be over and you will be on track to achieving the body shape you have always wanted.

Your body already knows what it needs to keep you slim, fit and healthy. It has been silently screaming at you for years to feed it the right foods but your beliefs have been louder and they drowned out the messages from your body. Your session will remove those old, inappropriate beliefs and you will tune in to your body to understand what you need to eat.

If you are ready to win your weight loss battle. If you are ready to make the best investment in yourself, contact me to arrange your session on 07377557081 or youtransformeduk@gmail.com

*Some deep rooted issues may require up to 3 sessions to be resolved.