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Rapid Transformational Therapy is a unique fast acting therapy developed by the World renowned Marisa Peer. It goes far beyond traditional hypnotherapy to give you quick results, often in just one* session. This is something essential in today’s fast-paced World and the method evolved from the demands of successful executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities and athletes across the Globe who often have everything except time.

Here is a bit more information about this phenomenal process….

Initially you and I will have a chat over the phone, or by email if you prefer, to establish your reasons for seeking help. After this we will book you in for your session. A session typically lasts around 90 minutes although some can be longer or shorter as it is unique to you.


I use hypnosis during the session to take you into a relaxing, trance like state. There is nothing mysterious about this, when you day dream, or get lost in a book or a film you are in that same relaxed and absorbed state.


You will be in control at all times as we work together to identify the root causes of your issues which are embedded deep in your subconscious mind.

Understanding is power and once we understand these root causes I will use a bespoke combination of techniques matched to your needs to release you from the negative beliefs which have been driving your behavior and emotions and holding you back.


Once the negative beliefs are erased I will use more powerful techniques to speak to your amazing subconscious mind to instill new, positive helpful beliefs to help you transform.

I will also record a bespoke audio for you. It is essential you listen to the recording every day for at least 21 days. Just like building your muscles repetition builds and reinforces those new beliefs until they become familiar and natural to you.


Over this 21 day period your progress will be supported so you have the best opportunity to achieve You Transformed.


Everyone responds differently to change. For some it is instant, for others cumulative over time and for other retrospective when it is only when you look back that you realize change has happened.




*Some deep rooted issues may require 2 or 3 sessions.

Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.