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Be Free of Anxiety and Filled with Confidence!

Everyone experiences anxiety at some time, or lacks confidence in certain situations. These were the reactions which kept us safe in primitive times and they are perfectly natural, but, when either of these feelings become a regular or constant occurrence life can become incredibly limiting and unpleasant. That is far from natural!

Let’s look at anxiety first:

Anxiety symptoms include everything from panic attacks to headaches, neck tension, shortness of breath, palpitations, poor sleep, upset stomach, nausea, dizziness and an ability to relax. These are just a few. For some people the anxiety happens in specific situations, for others it can be in any situation, it can come out of nowhere and feel completely irrational. Some people live with anxiety throughout their whole lives, for others it can be triggered by an event or change in their life.

Many of my clients come to me when they have decided enough is enough. When they are no longer prepared to have their life restricted by anxiety and want to be free of the feelings of anguish. Many have tried medication which masks the symptoms but does not treat the underlying cause. Many have tried other therapies which give relief for a short time only to find the anxiety returns.

If you are in a similar situation, don’t despair. Modern neuroscience has proved that if we want to tackle the underlying beliefs which are causing the anxiety our minds will respond really well.

What about confidence?

When we come onto the planet as a baby we are full of confidence. We naturally expect everyone to adore us, everything to be provided and everything to happen just as we want it to. As we go through life we experience knockbacks and criticism, maybe from something our parents did, maybe something a harsh teacher said. Some people bounce back from these with ease but for many these often small, innocuous events and comments start to erode out natural confidence. Add to this our natural tendency to focus more on the negative than the positive (another primitive survival tactic) and we soon lack confidence, self esteem and as a result start to self sabotage many aspects of our lives.

This lack of confidence and self esteem can appear in many areas of life. This can be around body image; relationships with friends;  in our jobs; as business women; in relationships with our partners or our attempts to develop relationships;  when speaking up in public or to voice our opinion; and when standing up for ourselves and what is important to us. It can be crippling and often leads us to sabotage ourselves when we see a glimmer of success.

If you are held back by any of these aspects then the most important thing to do is to understand why your mind does not want you to have success and happiness. Our minds love to be right and do what they think we want them to so if you have a subconscious belief that you are no good at speaking in public, or you don’t deserve a happy relationship and friends then your mind will do everything in its power to stop those things happening and to reinforce those beliefs.

Once you know what those beliefs are, which we can easily uncover in RTT, you will be free to live the life you deserve without the shackles of the past.

“I went to Tracy for one session before Christmas and found Tracy to be so open easy to talk to and I felt she was genuinely interested in helping me. I feel because we development a great relationship from the start it helped me so much. I can’t believe the way I feel after only a month of listening to the recording it’s as if the files I was struggling to ‘file ‘ have finally been downloaded. I feel I can finally move forward, thanks Tracy from the bottom of my heart. I feel transformed Andrea 

Andrea Killean
“I had a hypnosis session with Tracy after trying for a second baby for over a year. Tracy helped me to recognise my pregnancy blockers and just a month later I was pregnant with my beautiful baby boy who arrived one week ago. Tracy immediately put me at ease and I can not thank her enough for helping to complete my family.”
Mandy York

“The whole experience was wonderful. Tracy was reassuring, friendly and professional and explained everything to me so I’d fully understand what would happen. Needless to say it has been fantastic, it’s a strange feeling but I have certainly found myself more in control of my actions and reactions, I can handle social situations much better and have reached a state of calm in my mind that I rarely reached before.”


I have been suffering from excoriation disorder now for as long as I can remember and tried everything to try and break the habit of constantly picking my skin. I had a look into hypnotherapy, and got in touch with Tracy. What can I say?! It’s completely transformed my life. I instantly noticed a difference in the way I felt about myself and more importantly the relationship I had with my skin picking. I have made so much progress now and I have Tracy to thank for that! Her approach is so warm and friendly and made me fell like I wouldn’t be judged – something that has happened to me for the whole of my life due to my condition. I can’t recommend this route enough and Tracy even more! Thank you!

Rachel ,

Hi Tracy i would just like to thank you for helping me through a difficult time, and getting such a fantastic and positive result. The hypnotherapy has certainly worked for me and helped me out in other ways. Thank you for being such a positive and caring person. 💕 x


I approached Tracy in February 2019 for a session on removing blocks for relationships and re setting up my own business alongside my day job. I can honestly say that immediately after my session with Tracy and listening to my tailor made hypnosis for 21 days on the trot, I noticed smoother communication and my inner agitation has dissipated with my colleagues. The agitation used to flare up as a rash on my chest and it has completely disappeared! I had the rash for several years. As for my business, I am no longer procrastinating and in the throes of taking action and actually setting up. I have no hesitation in recommending Tracy, she is professional, personable and clearly understands your requirements for the session. Angela

Angela, Your Content Goes Here

“I am a 64yr old lady who couldn’t even use the word ‘I’. All my life has been about illness physical and emotional, trying to search for solutions or someone to diagnose then fix me. I suffered childhood trauma, unfulfilled potential, a lifetime of trying to fix ‘me.’ After giving up on life and two breakdowns later, I vowed never to experience that ever again.The third counselor worked with me for one and half years, together we achieved a lot, I came to a void I felt I could not fill. Being told you are a survivor, did not help with constant anxiety, sleepless nights, exhausting efforts to try to live a normal life.Some years ago, I had come across Marisa Peer, who’s treatment at the time was out of my reach. I prayed that in the future that would change.Late 2018 I read Marisa’s You Are Enough book and watched her videos which led me to find Tracy.She took me under her wing, the first session was amazing, the second was tougher and I had a few setbacks. Tracy monitored me and adjusted the glitches that had come up, giving me homework to refocus my thoughts. Learning to be a different better version of myself took some time for me to adjust. I experienced good changes, but still felt some sort of block, so through Tracy’s guidance, we decided on the third session’s focus. I was beginning to doubt myself. The third session uncovered the root, going back to an incident when I was a baby. I am listening to my audio, getting used to the shifts going on inside of me, 63years worth. Simply put, Tracy saved my life, my future. I am learning to live life not just exist and survive. I will forever be grateful to her consistent belief in who I could be and facilitating the change, when I was barely functioning. I love you my friend and forever appreciate the care you gave me.Keep smiling.”

Anonymous, Your Content Goes Here

Amazing results following my session.
I have been a yoyo dieter and comfort/binge eater for too many decades causing a health scar and op 2 years ago.
I have suffered from low self esteem and anxiety through years of constant weight loss failures and sabataging any successes i did have, as i felt i didn’t deserve to feel good about myself.

I found Tracy through a mutual friend and knew i wanted to give this a go.
Straight away i felt at ease talking about all my issues and the session was just fantastic.
From day 1 i have felt at ease within myself and not once had the need to go to unhealthy snacks for comfort let alone to binge on.
I only eat when i feel hungry and definitely noticed i am eating less and feeling so full and leaving food on my plate once i felt full.
I am choosing healthy options at mealtimes and if i want a snack inbetween. My shopping trolley was filled with healthy items, subconsciously making these choices which for me is just amazing !!, didn’t look once at the crisps, biscuits or chocolate.

I don’t feel anxious and have felt happy and positive everyday since my session 5 days ago and i feel this is improving more as each day goes by.
I can honestly say i feel like a weight (no pun intended) has lifted from my shoulders regarding the lifetime of issues i’ve had around my self esteem and what affect its had on my whole life.
I’m actually loving myself more and more and feel so happy and relaxed.
I can’t recommend this therapy enough….don’t suffer anymore….give it a go because it’s the best thing i’ve done for myself in such a long long time xxxxx