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Are you battling with anxieties which seem to come from nowhere or worries you can never quite get to the bottom of? Has it got to the stage where these are holding you back from the life you know you could have? Are you struggling with confidence and self belief at work and at home? Do you sabotage every attempt you make to improve your weight, health and fitness? Do you worry about money? Are you racked with irrational anxiety now you have hit the menopause?

Have you had enough? Are ready to let go of those anxieties in your life? I specialise in working with ladies who want to do just that. I help them be free and I can help you too. After working with me you will be able to feel confident and self-assured, trust yourself to deal with any situation, eat healthily and keep fit without the gremlins of temptation, feel financially confident or tackle the inevitable menopausal changes with an unshakeable self-belief. 

I’ve dealt with each of these challenge as I’ve gone through life. I know all too well how it feels. I set off into adult life as an extremely shy teenager with absolutely no confidence in my abilities, my appearance or the value I could bring to the World. In spite of this, I battled my way up the corporate ladder but always did things the hard way with constant anxiety, diets and a phenomenal amount of hard work to compensate for low self-esteem and a belief that I could not be financially secure.

As I tried to work on these challenges I discovered that mindset and beliefs have a massive impact on everything from confidence and self esteem to weight loss, relationships, career success and everything in between. The beauty is that we can change our mindset and beliefs. Over the years I tried to do this through courses, books and mind management techniques and developed a strong desire to help other people do the same but only scratched the surface until I discovered Marisa Peer.

Marisa has developed a unique Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) which transforms client’s mindset, beliefs and behaviours. The method gets right to the root cause and fixes it, in a minimum of sessions. I use RTT to help ladies like you identify and truly understand the root cause of the problems you are facing, rapidly eradicate the cause and reset your beliefs.

I am based in Staffordshire and specialise in helping ladies overcome confidence and anxiety issues and how that affects them in their personal life, as they tackle their weight and fitness, as they go through life’s changes and in their career and business. I work mainly through individual face to face sessions. For anyone who cannot get to me in person I also offer remote sessions using tools such as Zoom.

My work is incredibly fulfilling and there is nothing better than seeing my clients feeling  happier, more content and in control.

If you have reached the point where enough is enough and you are ready to escape the negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs which are holding you back please get in touch to book a session or for a no obligation chat to find out more.

I’m sure you have lots of questions about rapid transformational therapy so please get in touch to find out more on 07377557081 or by email here –